Monday, November 3, 2008

Will date for food

The dietary habits of single, working gals can be pathetic. Sarah Haskins knows all about it. If it weren't for dating, I don't know if I would consistently achieve consumption of three out of five food groups every week.

Tuesday -- half a bagel w/ expired cream cheese and a handful of pretzels, bag of popcorn, orange and 33 cent frozen burrito, frozen dinner, bowl of chocolate Chex, three spoonfuls of ice cream straight from the carton, another bag of popcorn

Wednesday -- bowl of chocolate Chex, cheese stick, yogurt, piece of fruit, whatever they're serving at board meeting, another bowl of chocolate Chex

Thursday -- two bowls of chocolate Chex (board meeting was long last night), banana, two spoonfuls of ice cream straight from the carton, fast food Thai or Chinese, cookies, another bowl of chocolate Chex and a cheese stick

Friday-- bowl of chocolate Chex, vending machine Hot Pocket, bag of "harvest cheddar" Sun Chips, bowl of chocolate Chex, REAL FOOD -- this time it's Mexican

Saturday -- leftovers from date on Friday

Sunday -- finish off leftovers from date on Friday, bowl of chocolate Chex

So bring it on, boys ... I've got an appetite and I'm taking applications for next Friday.


Emilie said...

Hey, I'm not single, but my weekly menu looks depressingly like yours. If Garrett didn't cook dinner for me every few nights, I'd live on fruit roll ups, frozen ravioli, toast, cereal and every once in awhile — when I'm feeling adventurous — an actual sandwich. Thrilling, huh?

Brooke said...

I love it! You're totally getting some nutrients with those FRUIT roll-ups, right? I'm glad Garrett fills in the gaps sometimes. My dad does most of the cooking now at my house and he's awesome at it. I've just decided the patience gene required to spend more than 2:30 in front of microwave to assemble a meal skipped me or hasn't kicked in yet.

Jenni Rigby said...

I will cook you real food on a regular basis. Good food too. So, I think you should move up north by me, because chicken pot pie doesn't hold up in the mail very well, or so I would imagine.