Friday, September 7, 2012

Farewell to a blog..

It's time for a new start.

When I started this blog four years ago, I was 23. I was fresh home from an LDS mission and I dreamed of becoming a great writer. I put down a few posts, some creative writing pieces I'm rather fond of, and then less than a year later, headed to law school. The blog changed but it still felt like a relevant space to me for a time. But time, marriage, continued law school education, maturity, and experience all ended up shaping me into an entirely different person than I was and I'm ready to move on from this place.

So here's where you can find me now: and

The first site is my personal blog. I will be the only author and hope you'll follow me over there. I plan to be much more frequent in my posting and am really hopeful that you'll find the things I choose to post about interesting, discussion provoking, and worth your time. At the very least, it will be better than this blog has been of late.

The second blog will be a family blog and will require an invite. Dave might post occasionally, and it will have photos and details about our lives I don't really want the entire internet to have access to, and basically will be a way to show off cute pictures of our kid to friends and family who are far away, as well as a way for me to document our lives without having to scrapbook. Scissors and glue guns scare me. Hopefully it will also keep the first blog from getting over-run with mommy gushiness, helping me keep true to issues and topics I really want to keep discussing. But if cute kid pictures and vacation photos are your thing, then definitely e-mail me or leave a comment for an invite.

So thanks for sticking with me. I've loved blogging here and I'll definitely keep this site up if only for my own amusement. Sometimes its fun to go back and look at what were you thinking about four years ago and remember who you were.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A little melodrama for your Monday...

A friend told me she has a "pump-up" playlist that she listens to before a big exam the way that some athletes do before a race. A study partner of mine has been changing the lyrics to "Annie" all day long to "Tomorrow,  tomorrow, I fear you tomorrow! You're only a day away!"

As for me, this song has been going through my head all day as I've desperately tried to solidify bankruptcy, corporations, commercial paper and a dozen other sticky subjects I definitely did NOT take in law school in my mushy brain before I enter the lion's den tomorrow morning:

A bit dramatic? Perhaps. But I might just stand and cheer when they call "Time!" roughly 48 hours from now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Impending doom/freedom ... either way I'll just be glad it's over

So ... the bar is in four days. Four. And I'm really wishing that about two months ago I'd started studying as hard as I've been for the past three or four weeks. But you know, I was working, I was pregnant, and most importantly, I was so. burned. out. Three years of law school can do that to you. But mostly? I was just acting like me. Because if there is one thing in academia I am really, REALLY good at, it's procrastinating.

That seems about right. More awesome procrastination cartoons HERE. Because really, she sums it up better than I can, and I don't think I'm violating her copyright license by posting the above picture as long as I link to her, right? Oh, the bar. The one test that makes you look for a lawsuit in every little interaction you have with people. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Backseat driver

So that whole blog redesign? Had to take a backseat to the bar exam ... a 22-subject, two-day exam of awesomeness that I'm pretty sure will bore me to tears between now and the end of July. However, I'm stocking all sorts of post ideas away in the meantime. The problem is, most of them are nerdy law student jokes, so hopefully when I re-emerge from this mess I will regain some (let's be honest, I'm just hoping for ANY) of my pre-law school personality, possibly a normal, non-jaded/legalized sense of humor, and quickly delete all of them rather than subject you to the absolutely HILARIOUS anecdote from work the other day that involved eminent domain. What? Eminent domain doesn't get you rolling in laughter? It didn't work on Dave, either. But it got one of my very sleep-deprived classmates really going so I guess I'm still good for entertainment somewhere.

Just not here. Sorry, friends. I realize how lame this blog is at the moment.

So there's my update. And here's hoping late summer/early fall not only brings one more lawyer admitted to the Utah State Bar and the baby girl we've got coming around Sept. 20th, but hopefully a new blog, too. Maybe even one worth keeping on your Google reader or blog roll? One can only hope.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


... a trend I've been waiting for society to get over since my Barbie when I was four had a sweatband and legwarmers.