Monday, October 11, 2010

Cutting back ...

Life needs to be simplified this month. So I'm not going to blog. And I'm going to do my very, very best to limit how much I read other's blogs. Which is going to be hard because I sincerely find many of you interesting, entertaining, and enlightening. I'll be back in November.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A tale of woe ...

Hi friends,

I have a sad, sad story to tell you about moot court.

What is moot court you might ask? It's this really fabulous law school cocurricular activity. Not extracurricular like football (though I'm doing that this year, too ... the law school has one of the most dominating ladies flag teams around). Cocurricular like we'll give you school credit for doing something more fun than listening to a teacher lecture and you might actually learn to be a lawyer along the way. Moot court is something I've really looked forward to being part of. Something I worked really hard to get invited onto. And something I've been working very hard to do well at.

And then yesterday, I'm pretty sure I blew it. And I took it way harder than I expected. I realized that maybe my relationship with law school has become unhealthy. Unbalanced and life controlling perhaps?

So instead of telling you about the details, I think I'm just going to wrap this up and go find a life instead. Because seriously, I woke up REALLY happy this morning after some fabulous support and recovery from family last night when I realized things were going downhill fast. And because sleep is amazing and I didn't have to wake up to an alarm. And it's October and should be freezing, but it's sunny and beautiful and SO WARM!!! outside. And there's no class today. So I'm going to take a break from law school today and give it some distance. It will get all passive-aggressive on me when I return by giving me a list of double-duties tomorrow for my neglect. But I think the health of our relationship demands it. Maybe I'll go on a hike.



Right after I finish this edit and go to the hearing I promised to.

Law school is so needy.