Tuesday, March 20, 2012


... a trend I've been waiting for society to get over since my Barbie when I was four had a sweatband and legwarmers.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


... sugar coma.

To celebrate my mom's birthday, we decided to go over-the-top indulgent with dessert this year. Dave and I made our first attempt at serious baking by following a copy-cat recipe for this amazing feat of chocolate, cream, and sugar:

Three and half hours, one devil's food cake, thirteen eggs, an entire quart of heavy cream, and more than two and half POUNDS of chocolate later, we were finally done with phase one of the recipe and we wrapped things up for the bottom three layers to freeze over night. Then came more cream, more chocolate, and some butter and corn syrup for the chocolate shell and homemade chocolate drizzle sauce. It was amazing.

I couldn't find an online version of the recipe we used, but if you're interested in joining us in our sugar coma, let me know and we will be happy to share.