Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And it's Obama ...

Commentators have a difficult job on election night.

Brian Williams didn't get off work until 3 a.m. Tom Brokaw brought a mug with him and had ale cooling off to the side of the set he was so stressed out. Wolf Blitzer had a ridiculously difficult job -- spew words for 10 hours straight that sound like they could mean something political.

The rest of us local journalists were making late night calls to candidates who spent less on their entire campaign than most Utahns donated to Obama's fighting fund. In between calls, flipping channels, devouring pizza and watching history in the making, some amazing things were said:
"This is where the people live. This is where you want to get them." -- CNN
master of the touch screen
"And then Warner sold his soul to the devil and ate Gilmore for breakfast."
-- Di on a senate race

"There will be a new family in the White House. And as we learned tonight ... a new puppy." -- Brian Williams at 2:30 a.m.

I'm not even going to start on the Facebook status changes the election created. Let's just say Obama's win was compared to everything from 9/11 to the millenium. My dad called and asked me how long I thought it would take for the country to implode. All I know is my roommate can't WAIT for TV to return to normal. In her opinion, this has been going on for too long.

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