Sunday, November 2, 2008

5 Reasons I am a horrible person ... 4 of which I don't intend to change.

#5 I still haven't written Jenny. I keep meaning to. Poor girl has been at boot camp for almost two months and I haven't placed the letter in the mailbox. I will.

#4 I use my roommate's body wash. It started out of desperation when I ran out one day in the shower. I vowed I would buy my own the next time I was at the store. That was a month ago. The fact she eats my ice cream makes me feel a little better.

#3 I screen my calls. Big time.

#2 I haven't gone very green. I know I should. The world my future children will live in is at stake. But sometimes it's just too hard to reduce, too easy to buy new instead of reuse and too liberating to trash my junk than hold on to it hoping I can recycle it into something else.

#1 I don't forward sappy e-mails. Today I got one that said if I believed in God I would forward it to everybody in my address book. I do believe in God. I just don't believe in cheesy e-mails.

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Nancy said...

Hahaha! So did you get that letter written to Jenny? ;)