Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today is Veterans Day

My roommate's best friend leaves for the Middle East today. My dearest Jenny is in boot camp. They are different than the veterans of the 1940's I met this weekend, but they are no less worthy of appreciation. The "greatest generation" endured an entirely different kind of war than we are fighting today. Forests have been replaced by sand dunes and dictators have been replaced by terrorists and access to oil.

Today less than 1 percent of the American population is involved with military service. The other 99 percent of us are left free to criticize the war, go about our jobs and comfortably support our ourselves and families. I owe my job to soldiers. The First Amendment is powerful, but of little use, if the country it serves is overrun by other nations. Those few that give all that up to protect our country in whatever way current administration asks them to deserve our support, and most of all, our thanks.

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Sarah said...

Good link and wow I like how you but things into perspective only %1 of the U.S in involved in the military.