Monday, October 19, 2009

On recuperating...

I have cool friends.

They are willing to drive to me the Instacare clinic. They are willing to buy me Sunchips so I don't pass out during the two hour wait. They are even willing to sit next to me in the Instacare clinic when I'm wearing a dorky-looking surgical mask when they could have sat by all the non-infected people in the "well" area instead.

(Does this segregation really work? When it comes to spreading, or not spreading, the flu ... does that extra three feet of air space and facing the chairs in opposite direction in a cramped waiting room actually DO anything??! Maybe it's mental.)

I also have friends who are willing to Skype me into a study group so I don't fail a midterm on Wednesday. I have friends who are willing to share notes and make sure I don't fall behind. That's nice, because they could have decided the flu was actually God's plague sent to punish the wicked (i.e. me) and raise them on the curve.

I have a best friend, aka husband, who has filled prescriptions, made me dinner, rearranged work schedules, and fulfilled some semi-ridiculous requests (Can we have the door open? It's hot. No! Now it's cold, how about just half-way open? Maybe closed with the fan on?) just to keep me comfortable.

I even have friends who were willing to conduct the ward choir for me on Sunday. Now that's love.


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

aw hon, I'm so sorry! feel better soon!

yay for good pals, wish I could be there!

Erin said...

Tragically, I'm the friend who just has to wish you luck.