Friday, October 9, 2009

On pumpkins ...

I love pumpkin world.

Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin squares, pumpkin cookies.

I like carving pumpkins. I can't wait to try a new pumpkin trifle recipe. And my friend Jenni swears by pumpkin bagels.

In pumpkin world, princesses get to the ball and eventually find their prince. The vegetable serves fantastic porch decoration when you put a candle inside it. In pumpkin world there is never a shortage of pie.

I'm pretty sure pumpkin season is the only reason I survive the end of melon season. Honeydew is the nectar of the gods and watermelon is all the good things about summer wrapped up in striped, green casing. It's definitely the end of melon season. I ate honeydew and cantaloupe this week I'm pretty sure tasted worse than stale cardboard.

Good thing pumpkins are on sale for 19 cents a pound at Macey's and I have a date with some cinnamon cream cheese frosting later this month. And if anyone has an awesome recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds, I'd love to steal it from you.

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