Thursday, September 17, 2009

On mature literature ...

BYU redeemed itself today ... in a BIG way.

I love the bookstore.

It smells liked baked goods and freshly printed paper. There are books about Michelle Obama, memoirs of escapees of fundamentalist polygamist cults and tales of Sudanese child soldiers all mingled together. There are cook books and gardening books and books on how to be a ballerina. There are books on car mechanics and personality disorders and books about religion. There are books on philosophy and entertainment and there are books that me angry at the world. There are books that make me smile. There are books that still have the same ability to transport me out of the bookstore and into another time and place the same way they did when I was seven.

The best find by far today was THIS. I love that "The Paperbag Princess" is now happily nestled in my bookbag between 1,102 pages of hardbound contract law and 572 pages of legal citation manual.

Of all the genres, picture books rock.

Oh, and Ronald? You really are a bum.

The End.


Michael and Julie said...

oh i LOVE this book! cougs just stepped up one notch in my book. just one notch though. :)

Cari said...

They also have mint M&M's at Christmas...yum!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Do you remember the Halloween we lived together? I wanted to be the Paperback Princess and you had no idea who it was? I was so disappointed. I'm glad you've redeemed yourself.

Oh, and wedding pictures! Now!