Friday, September 11, 2009

On forgetting ...

When I woke up this morning I didn't register that today is September 11th. I was more concerned with the memo that's due in my legal writing class. When I finally saw the date, I still didn't remember that eight years ago there was an attack on our nation. I didn't remember that today was an important anniversary and I failed to recall the feelings that crashed down on our 11th-grade calculus class when we watched the second tower fall or the stunned silence of broadcasters that followed on the air.

I didn't think about any of that ... until I saw this. Thank you, Natalie. Because remembering is important. And I almost forgot.

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Cari said...

My mom always points out that this was one of the defining moments of our generation, everyone remembers where they were that day, just like she remembers where she was when she heard Kennedy was shot.

Jordan was in the country for the day but on his mission so he doesn't fully understand what happened. Not hearing about it everyday for a year almost makes him appreciate the significance of this day more than I do.