Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yay You! (and me)

When I graduated from high school, a friend bought me this book:

It's one of my favorites. The BEST Sandra Boynton book is "Hester in the Wild." Fairy Godmother rabbits who turn purple with rage, troublesome ground hogs, and a canoe ... adult-intelligent comedy disguised as a children's book doesn't get any better.

But I digress ...

I haven't graduated so I really shouldn't have too much reason to feel celebratory. But I do. In fact, I think I'm more relieved and happy this year is over than any other. Whenever I think of what's been accomplished there's a small chorus singing "yay!" in my head.

So here are a few things that also have me "yay"ing:

Spring ... for real this time. It snowed last Saturday but I'm convinced it's going to be warm from now on.

Research. One of my favorite professors just invited me to assist her with research that will combine my experience and love of journalism and access to public records and the law. (Double yay!)

A paycheck. For once I will be getting paid to do legal work rather than paying to be allowed to work. Who came up with the whole you-pay-us-to-let-you-do-our-work internship business model? Apparently other credit-hungry graduate students like me. Somehow it doesn't feel so wrong to pay someone to let you do work when you're getting credit.

Hospitals. I LOVED the doctor who did my most recent scope and the outpatient staff in his office. And now I have really cool pictures of my esophagus on my fridge.

Speaking of which ... Not having constant heartburn and finding an affordable solution for my acid reflux has been pretty exciting. My doctor handed me two prescriptions and told me to take whichever was cheaper ... $360 a month or $9 a month? It was a hard decision.

Bridesmaid dresses that fit like a glove and make you feel beautiful. The non-cupcake topper look is the way to go, gals. Classy choice, Kristen, classy choice. If the bridesmaid dresses are this stunning, I can't wait to see the bride!! I've never been part of another person's wedding party before so I was kind of nervous when the dress arrived. All fears have been put to rest.

What has you "yay"ing?

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Kristen said...

I'm glad you thought more highly of them than I did. I was just glad to find something knee length without tulle sticking out that fit a range of sizes.

PS I totally need the name of that hotel for my honeymoon!