Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Links to similarly minded people ...

I downloaded THIS song in honor of Denim Day. Madonna and I have very little in common, but we see eye-to-eye on those lyrics.

And check out these excellent posts for more on Denim Day:

Now it's back to finals prep. I found it fitting the last hypothetical I had was one on rape. He took her keys (but she was drunk so he claimed he was just keeping her off the streets), she said no (he claimed the fact she stuck around to get her keys back was consent), and she didn't resist (she was told he wouldn't hurt her if he could just get what he wanted). Rape? Unfortunately for this woman, it would depend on where she lived and how much resistance was required on her part for that particular jurisdiction. There is still so much to change. I think I got the answer right for purposes of the exam, now if only society and the legal system could get it right. Isn't it sad that was even a question that could be debated?

P.S. Remember my gushing about how grateful I was we don't have to memorize the missionary discussions, feel guilty about going to grad school, or store two years worth of wheat because we have current prophets with fresh information? Check out this post by Mormon Child Bride on fashion sense.


Ru said...

Ahhh, the law school rape hypothetical. Makes me grateful that my crim law prof promised that rape would not be on the final. We still covered it in class, but he said he didn't really want to write or grade a rape question, and he was sure we didn't want to write an answer to one, either.

Good luck on your finals, I'm sure you will rock them!

PS - I'm glad you linked to these blogs, I was just thinking today that a lot of my blogfriends are knocking it out of the park today.

Genavee said...

Thanks for the link. I always get a little paranoid when I post something even slightly controversial (how gross is it that rape can be controversial?) so every bit of positive feedback is huge.

I would have had such a hard time sticking to the law and not going on a personal rant for that hypo. I'm sure you rocked it, but oi, what a rough question.

Oh, and I love the Maddona song. Are you a Glee person? Their version last night was amazing.