Monday, April 26, 2010

It's not over till the fat lady sings ...

I wish I could say that the hours since finals ended have been refreshing, or at least spent away from the law school. My brain was pretty fried and I was/still am desperately awaiting some time to think about something different because I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a fresh brain to start an internship next week.

Instead, though, I spent the rest of the day on campus in law review information meetings, most of the next day in classes about externships and ethics (just in case you wondered, having sex with your client is against the rules and so is representing both sides in a case), packing everything we own with the help of family and friends, moving all that stuff to a new place, and attending our new ward where we were given callings within 15 minutes of church ending. I spent the rest of the remaining weekend crying uncontrollably because the last year has pretty much maxed out my emotional limit and it's the first time I've had time to cry in awhile, unpacking, giving up on packing and deciding that Dave and I really are better off with the mattress in the middle of the living room with no bedframe if it means not having to deal with more moving anxiety till he's done with finals, stressing over the news our apartment managers didn't get our 30-day notice so we are now responsible for another month's worth of rent we definitely cannot afford, keeping feminist rage simmered at the Utah Valley Women's Expo, and prepping for the law review competition.

Finals may be finished, but apparently that doesn't mean that law school is.

I love that they didn't even give us a whole three hours between one year "ending" and classes for next year. Has anyone else's school/work/family been this unrelentless at the end of something significant? I would love to hear your stories so I'm not the only one whining.

Anyway, so now the weekend is gone, and today (Monday) felt remarkably like every other day during finals -- procrastination, some decent cooking to keep myself going, and lots of time reading cases and footnotes. It's obvious now my celebratory "finished!" post was a little early, but I am determined that one way or another this school year will finally end.

(Stay tuned ... despite the week-long writing competition, rambling post documenting the epic battle "Feminism v. Women's Expo" coming soon.)


gurrbonzo said...

I believe in you! It will get better soon.

And, feminist rage is healthy. You should be worried if it ever stops.

Genavee said...

1)That sounds hellish. My school does journal write on during spring break, which sucks, but not nearly as much as right after the ordeal of finals.
2) I'm not sure how much this will mean, but I promise that 2L is so much better, especially emotionally. I was such a mess 1L, but this year I'm actually happy, actually enjoying school not just fighting for survival. But then, you seem to be doing well, going for law review (I was too drained and depressed to even try), and having a rockin' internship.

I suppose my point is that after 1L year you have every right to be exhausted in every sense of the word, but you are still awesome.

gmaitken6 said...

You mean family and "friend."

K. Ray Johnson said...

After I thought I finished my first semesteer as a 1L year, I got this bombshell:

There was a mistake on the Torts Section 2 final exam. Professor Goble sincerely apologizes for the mistake. You will take another Torts exam on Monday, January 11th

So that was a fun fun christmas break re-studying for Torts. And Jan. 11th is my birthday. But right now, we're in BOSTON having a blast. Hang in there, Brooke!