Monday, November 30, 2009

The grown-up table ...

Six-year-old Sarah Jane told us we couldn't pretend with her. Dave and I wondered upstairs looking for something to do besides watching a recording of a concert we've already seen with the adults. Giggles, and lots of them, came through the closed door. Dave smiled and said, "We should go in play with them!"

We walked in and immediately SarahJane tore off a crown, trying to hide it in her lap and Abby turned red.

"Whatcha guys doing?"

"Playing princess."

"Can we play?"

The two first-graders looked at each other and then eyed us suspiciously.

There was a long pause.


And they turned back to each other dismissing us completely.

Dave just stood there.

"Really?" I tried again. "Please? We're really good at pretending."

"No," came the definite reply.

And that is how Dave and I officially became adults. I blame marriage.

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Sierra said...

What a tragic story of growing up... a real life tragedy :-)