Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On elections made sure ...

Friday at 7 p.m. Realization hits me. I gasp. Begin furiously typing to friend in CA on Google chat. My panic increased with every line:

me: I forgot to register to vote
i forgot elections were even coming!!
i am a horrible person!!!
Friend: haha
AND the Provo mayor elections are huge!
me: What has law school done to my inner journalist??
Friend: even I know about them!
me: What??
I don't know!! Tell me tell me!
Friend: yeah, aren't things heating up?
one used to be... gasp!
wait for it
wait for it
me: a democrat?
Friend: A DEMOCRAT!!!
me: BAHHH!!!!
Friend: AHHH
Joseph retreat!

A former Democrat runs for office in Provo and I can't even vote. Tragedy. (I'll let you wonder whether I would have voted to keep the filthy former traitor out of the motherland or be thrilled at the prospect of variety.) I'm disgusted with myself. I love voting. I love the sticker. I love the high I get using an electronic ballot. I love the energy in the line waiting to vote. I love the random statutes, memorandums, and amendments to city codes that appear on ballots. I love knowing I exercised a Constitutional right. Not this year. This year I was lame like the majority of my fellow country. Lame. Not next year. But for now, happy election day.


Erin said...

So, uh, not to rub it in or anything, but polls close at 8, dear. You still had an hour.

Erin said...

Oh wait, just saw the Friday part of that. Man, you still had 4 days + an hour. Bring a utility bill and vote a provisional ballot next time--even if you do vote for the wrong candidate!

Miranda said...

I realized a couple of years ago that if people were allowed to "text" in their votes a la "American Idol" that more people would probably vote in this country. It was not a comforting though.

To make you feel better, I didn't vote either. But that's because I realize that the Republicans have this state by the carotid artery and that my dissenting vote wouldn't matter. I need to more somewhere else more relevant.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...


I am happy to be that friend.

And heck, the former Democrat won. But -- rumor has it that he only ran democrat previously to get further in the election. So I've yet to see a true liberal Mayor o' Provo

Sigh... why do I care so much about Provo politics!?

Sierra said...

I didn't get a chance either and I am bummed...

Brooke said...

You can bring a utility bill and that counts?? Man! I wish I had known!

Kristen said...

Yes, ma'am. A utility bill or something similar will let you cast a provisional ballot. They'll verify that you don't vote elsewhere and then count your ballot. And yes, I went to H&M twice. Then I took Thomas to H&M this weekend. He was such a good sport.