Saturday, July 4, 2009

On Indepence Day

Today I am free ...

From editors.

It is my last day as a journalist and I'm spending it alone. No rush at deadline, no arguments between the government and courts reporter, no cursing from the copy desk to send me off. It's just me, the scanner and the fluorescent glow of the computer screen.

It's a nice way to say goodbye. I'm liking the chance to sit, think and wait for 1 p.m. so I can go interview people about the city celebration and why they like fireworks. Until then, no editors. Just static, chatter on the radio about opening and closing parade routes and my blog.

So here are some other things I am glad to be free of this Independence Day:

  • Nylons. I didn't remember how much I hated them until I pulled them on the other day and just how long 18 months with a dress code requiring hose really was.
  • My last name. I'm proud of my heritage but my last name is pretty bland. And exchanging it for my fiance's also means freedom from singles wards, freedom from ever again having to worry about being placed with crazy roommates and freedom from questions about my dating life.
  • Twitter. Fail-whale status is now permanent.
  • Pepto-bismol colored cubicles and fluorescent lighting. Farewell office and hello California beaches!
  • Debt. I love paychecks, self-discipline and online payment methods.
  • Wedding plans. For the next five hours I don't have to think, speak or look at anything wedding related. The fact seemingly normal and frivolous items like chair sashes, centerpieces and guest lists can lead to anxiety/massive amounts of crying is ridiculous. How did these traditions get started anyway? It's absurd. I am of the firm opinion that marriage is of God and weddings are evil.
  • The night shift. I don't mind working holidays. Especially when I still get to see the fireworks tonight!

What freedoms are you celebrating?


Miranda said...

When's the wedding? Do you want help? After the play, I'm back to being a bored (ugh) housewife.

Kristen said...

Just because I'm going to stop teasing you about your dating life does NOT mean that I'm going to relent on the "then comes baby in the baby carriage" part.

Jess said...

You are lucky that you get a more interesting last name when you get married. I went from a little too interesting to a little too bland (Miller).

Hope your last day was fun! :)

Mhana said...

Don't freak out about the wedding. My flowers never came, a fact my family didn't mention so I wouldn't freak out. You'd think that would be a huge deal but it really wasn't, we got married just the same. I had lovely pictures at the temple despite the lack of bouquet and they put something together from a flower shop for the evening for me. So the sashes on the chairs aren't there. Will anyone actually care, including you? Nope. Congrats on being debt free, office free and almost married!

lifeofdi said...

Debt free. FOR NOW!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Foolish law school student...

Sierra said...

Freedom! Congrats on your last day! :-) I'm with you on the last name thing... I traded in "Hancock" for a swear word "HELLstrom"!

Good luck with the wedding plans (when you pick them back up). If you need help, I'm happy to do it. I have lots of hook-ups with florists, videographers, photographers, decorations, etc. Don't stress, just enjoy it. You'll only get to do it once (hopefully)!