Friday, April 24, 2009

On bliss...

Just in case you wondered, the Crown Burger Combo is as good as its reputation.

And fry sauce?? Oh, how I've missed you!

My mom was unabashedly impressed as I packed away the entire combo meal she bought for me last night. I appreciated the fact it was a good-sized meal, but I was taken off guard by her surprise. She raised me. She out of anyone should KNOW I like food. Then I realized it has been my dad who has witnessed my most impressive cullinary accomplishments. My mom has taught me to appreciate flavors and colorful plating. My dad taught me to appreciate meat, and in large quantities.

I have a lot of memories of my dad that involve really, really good food.

The first pastrami burger I ever ate was at Astro Burger. Delicious. Back when Big Mac's were tasty I could finish one and my dad couldn't. I miss the metabolism of growth spurts.There are these French fries at Alf's lodge when we go skiing. He introduced me to sauerkraut. Have I mentioned he grills salmon and tri-tip steaks and knows how to perfectly cook prime rib?

When I was a college student and stealing other people's French fries to survive I missed meat. A lot. I would daydream about Sunday dinners with ribs or chicken or pork in classes. Since moving in with a friend and leaving behind all cooking paraphernalia I've resorted back to a prior diet of cereal and mercenary meals. Yesterday I was living off of a bottle of juice and a package of pumpkin cookies until my mom came along. I think maybe I'll go home on Sunday. Steak sounds nice.
(I didn't take this picture ... completely stole it from it from here.)


Kristen said...

Because you titled this post "Bliss" I will not proceed to describe how fast food is destroying the South American continent, the North American diet, or the world as our ancestors knew it. Nope, I'm going to be a good friend and just be glad you're blissful.

Brooke said...

Ha ha!! I love you, sis. Thanks for letting me have my moment. I really needed that pastrami burger that day. =)

Sierra said...

Nothing better than a good crown burger to make your day :-)

Jojo said...

Remember when we tried to cook that roast that Sister Edens gave us? Remember how I used to be a vegitarian?