Saturday, April 4, 2009

On parenthood ...

Things are going infinitely better this weekend than the last time I babysat. Everyone's healthy and we have yet to visit the emergency room.

Just like last time, however, my mother left us prepared with an envelope containing an insurance card and some cash. The outside reads:

this is too much $$ in case of emergency -- don't spend it all just for the heck of it!

So I'm wondering ... do pizza and bowling count as an emergency?


Anonymous said...

Um. Yeah!

Kristen said...

Only if it's delivery. You know you can't do carry out in an emergency. Which probably means bowling is only ok if you hire someone to install the lanes inside your home. . . or maybe that could be the crisis averted! Boy would your mom be pleased to learn the wrecking ball didn't tear through the garage while she was away.

In short, yes.

Brooke said...

HAHA!!! I'm liking the "it was either that or we would have had to install bowling lanes" concept. I'll let you know how that works out. =)

Brooke said...
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