Monday, December 1, 2008

Three magic numbers

There's a conversion chart on the Web site. With a couple quick statistics taken into account, I can accurately calculate my chances of getting into law school based on the hypothetical score I will receive after this weekend. Suffice it to say I'm taking a gamble. That score -- those three magic numbers -- could change everything.

I started this blog claiming syllables rule the world. Lately it's seemed numerals have all the power. No one shrieks and runs for cover when ATK changes to YLA on the stock market, but when the Dow drops to 1,200 mass panic ensues. The words on my speeding ticket tell me where to go, but it's the number next to "miles over" that determine my fine.

In the meantime I grapple with words to increase a number I have little control over with only five days to go. I struggle with sentences and phrases that contribute to a paycheck. I enter, clear and re-enter e-mails, chats and texts in an effort to be understood. But in the case of the latter, numbers still rule. Because it doesn't matter how great the message is if it doesn't get there.


julie said...

my brain hurts.
i love you.
that is all.

Natalie said...

Words that will help you:

You're smart
You're a genius
Retakes are possible, no really -- they are. You have a great job and a great life and you are young! Don't go in there with a life or death approach and you'll probably do better relaxed than you would stressed.