Monday, December 29, 2008

Speechless ...

He just stopped calling me.
I took him our Homecoming pictures.
I wrote him an e-mail.
He told me it was over on the way TO a party; a party that was held two hours from my house -- longest drive ever.
I ignored his phone calls then sent him a Facebook message.
He kissed me and then bailed.

There have been moments of maturity. There have been adult conversations and mutual understanding. There has been common ground. You'll never hear about those breakups. They leave you feeling resolved and completely enabled to move on. They leave you with respect and a warm hug -- a few years ago it left us heartbroken. They also leave you with nothing decent to write about. It's much easier to find fodder from the time he asked my best friend on a date right in front of me just one week later or the time a friend was high-fived on a last date. Which brings me to Saturday ... I have nothing to say. So instead of boring you with all the mutually agreed upon details about how it was a good thing, totally expected and not that big of a deal because we'd only dated a few weeks anyway, can I interest you in hearing about the time I got broken up with in the half hour I had between attending two bridal showers? Ouch. Hello single awareness day.


lifeofdi said...

My completely unnoteworthy breakup with a boyfriend of two months-ish involved a talk where we both admitted it wasn't working, that we'd see each other in class the next day. The only part that even remotely included drama was the part where he started crying because he was afraid my feelings were hurt. They weren't. It was all very adult and... just... clean. It seems strange when those happen, because we are supposed to believe it can't or doesn't.

Sierra said...

Dating sucks..... I'm sorry

Jenni Rigby said...

Since when is going to PF Changs, getting fitted for bras, and watching Mamma Mia a traditional bridal shower? I offered to cancel, but you said no.

Once I broke up with a guy and the next day his best friend called me and left me a lengthy message about everything that was wrong with me, why I was a horrible person, that there was help for people like me, and that I needed to talk to my bishop about it all (still not sure why). Then ex-boyfriend proceeded to call me a few months later, while I was engaged, and wanted to hang out.

The moral of this story: boys are dumb.