Saturday, December 6, 2008

Better than Mastercard

Cranberry juice: $3 for four-pack
Scrambled omelette w/ colby jack cheese: dirty pan, spatula and cheese grater
Peanut butter sandwich: self-respect, stealing roommate's bread and using non-natural Skippy
Cream cheese bagel: nothing left to eat for breakfast Monday morning
Following it all down with a protein shake: $4.99 for a box of 10 Nestle packets, totally grossed out roommate
Making it through the LSAT with out a hypoglycemia attack: PRICELESS

IT'S OVER!!!!!

(and I'm still full -- sooo much food)

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TabithaK said...

Congrats on the LSAT being over! :)
And yes, I believe I will be at BYU in January! I am still waiting on Financial Aid...which is driving me crazy because tuition is due in 3 weeks, but if all works out, then I will be heading that way January 1!