Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Under Construction....

Seven short weeks from now I will no longer be a student.

Life is changing and it's changing quickly, my friends. Come October, I will technically be an attorney. It won't be until February 2014, when my year-long clerkship (a sort of one-year in-house learning experience) is over, that I will actually be one. Dave's life has picked up speed and he is racing at a blistering pace toward a launch date next month for the business he's spent two years creating. All in the course of a year we will have moved, made multiple job changes, started a business, graduated law school, taken the bar, and so much more. In the meantime, especially after graduation when I won't have "I'm in school" as my full-time status, I'll be in this sort of in-between place. I feel like I'm living in a house that's being remodeled around me. It's chaos, but it's exciting and progress is definitely being made. Though sometimes, I wish I could move away and just come back when it's all finished instead of having to try and pretend I'm functioning normally in an only half-functioning environment. These days, we're feeling pretty successful if a few hours of sleep and something besides stale candy from the bulk bins is consumed for breakfast.

I was looking over my blog the other day and realized how much I have changed since I started writing. This used to be where I'd go to let off a little creative steam. I was writing "who/what/when/where/how" as a journalist all day long, and ached for somewhere to put down some creative writing. My posts were MUCH funnier (and probably much better) before law school sucked 99 percent of my soul and humor away from me. Since starting law school this blog has been a place to bring attention to issues I find important, vent, and reflect on some of the more emotionally trying events of the past two years. Every once in awhile, I've still made an attempt at humor. Mostly, though, I just kind of like sending words out there to see if anyone is listening.

This blog is starting to feel a little old, kind of dated, and worn-out to me.

So it's under construction, too.

Over the next seven weeks I hope to create an entirely new place. I'm not sure what it will look like. Maybe it will become more of a "family-update" blog with actual (*gasp!) pictures. Maybe I'll go more newsy and really crusade for some good causes. Maybe nothing will change except I'll switch out the background. Maybe I'll post essays here and start a private blog with pictures. All I know is my life is headed in an entirely different direction come April and I want this space to reflect that. New degree, new career, new life phase, new blog, right?

So pardon the dust...and if anyone has any remodeling tips, I could use some advice on colors.


Miranda said...

Wow. Your guys's lives are way crazy. Good luck!

Token Asian Friend said...

Good luck with the next few months. And, the color of the year is Tangarine Tango. Yes, there is actually an international panel of color experts that get to decide these things :). GO to www.pantone.com/pages/pantone/category.aspx?ca=88, or google pantone color of year 2012