Monday, March 21, 2011

Mhana, you ugly!!!

So I'm working on a paper for my feminism and law class when I realize I'm starving. I leave the law school and venture into BYU undergraduate land to get some use out of their food court. Now I'm sitting down to write more of said paper in the student center so I can eat without the law school folk yelling at me for bringing food into the study rooms. I swear undergrads get younger every year.

Anyway, guess what conversation the two Zoobies are having next to me?

The feminist implications of Johnny Lingo.


It is taking every ounce of willpower I possess to keep working and not join in.

(Watch THIS awesomely funny and dead-on John Stewart video -- you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page after hitting the link -- if you want the story that prompted the paper I'm writing about the intersection of tort law, feminist schools of thought, and freedom of contract principles apparent in the former rape employment clauses of some military contractors.)


Genavee said...

It surprises me sometimes how much I miss vaguely deep conversations that intersect between inane Mormon culture and all that serious academic lady stuff. No one here gets why 8 cows is so funny. No one.

Miranda said...

Ugh, that's disgusting. All the military can think about is protecting their own asses.

I read a really disturbing statistic that 30% of men admitted they would commit sexual assault if they knew they wouldn't be prosecuted. I'll send you the study when I find it again.

On a lighter note, do you and Dave like curry and when do you want to get together again?