Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm playing catch-up this month. On studying. On grades. At work.

Where did I get so behind?

Well, first I was in Minneapolis. That place is cold. The Mall of America was a total disappointment but there was some neat architecture on the UofMinn campus. The moot court competition there rocked and we represented our school well. Can we just talk about how much FUN appellate work is? Why on earth are there so many TV shows dedicated to boring trial work when the real action comes in during the appeal?

Next, I was swamped with coordinating the PILF Auction. We're still wrapping up the loose ends. Did/will the auction benefit me in any way? No. Will my grades probably be worse for it? Yes. But did my committee and volunteers totally more than DOUBLE last year's proceeds and will this mean that more students can go out and use their legal educations to serve people in need? Absolutely.

Then my doctor told me I needed outpatient procedures. I cried. I don't have time to be knocked out for a day or two. And then he took away my medicine so I was up for two nights in pain. (It's just heartburn people ... did this really need to be a crisis that HAD to be dealt with during finals prep?The short answer is no. He was just in too much of a hurry to really talk to me the first time around.) I went back after a very upsetting and completely unproductive 48 hours only to have him change his mind in exchange for a blood draw instead and a promise to get the procedure done sometime this summer. And I now have a one-day stay at the hospital to look forward to after finals instead of watching movies or sleeping before the Law Review write-on starts. Yay.

My uncle passed away. The funeral was wonderful and we all miss him. It's good to have family close by.

And ... now we're caught up. I think I'll get back to catching up on school instead of blogging. Even though you all are way more fun.


Sierra said...

Wow! So much going on... Sometimes outpatient surgery ends up being more than a "day or two." Make sure you schedule it when you actually have time to take more than a few days off... I speak from experience

Erin said...

YAY! Thanks for the update. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. Congrats on surviving Moot Court. I'm glad you put those negotiating skills to good use and got the procedure moved to after finals. It dawned on me a couple weeks back, when I received letters notifying me that my loans were switching into post-grad mode in 60 days, that I am totally screwed. I look forward to catching up once we're both done with the post finals comas that will result in trying to survive the next couple weeks. Good luck!