Thursday, June 4, 2009

On preparation ...

The law school letter I received told me to look up the definition of and then "ponder and apply the word 'recreation.'" Unless I do this, the letter warns, my "reservoir will [not] be filled" and I will be left drained and incapable of surviving my first semester. (Reservoir, ponder and apply -- anyone still unsure which Utah law school I picked?) So I've been pondering. And doing a heck of a job to try to apply.
  • rec/re/a/tion -- refreshment by means of some pastime, agreeable exercise, or the like.

Turns out the above is a lot easier to "apply in our daily lives" than faith, hope or charity. So far I've gotten a pedicure, gone out to eat and gone swimming. Any other ideas? Or have I interpreted this wrong and I'm headed down some dark road of law school apostasy? Kind of like when this friend thought the Biblical story of the widow's mite was referring to a bug. Don't worry, a companion set her straight before she taught the good people of Tennessee it was OK to pay tithing with small insects.

Who knew going to a church school would be so much fun already?

Suggestions for recreating, favorite scripture verses on enduring to the end and advice on surviving three years in Utah County welcome.


Natalie said...

This totally made me crack up. Are you sure you want to go there?

Anonymous said...

blog of a person who just graduated BYU Law:

You'll find it entertaining, and recreating :)

Emma said...

recreation: Shopping at the gateway, a walk around the zoo, racketball, yoga and a spin class. Three years in Utah County? It's possible, I did it, but I was under the age of 10.

Brooke said...

So I checked out the recommended blog and am totally recommending it to everyone else ... definitely recreating!