Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm singing a solo in the Salt Lake City Tabernacle in two weeks.

I'm terrified.

One verse of one song. Not that big of a deal -- a fact I haven't been able to explain to my nervous system.

Today in rehearsal I broke out into a cold sweat two songs away from my turn. I began clearing my throat and panicked when it was dry. The water bottle belonging to the girl next to me became victim to my anxiety. The pews began closing in around me and I was certain it was going to take Maniac Magee to unravel the knots in my intestines. I focused on the pattern of the carpet on my way toward the microphone to keep the walls from spinning. I faked a grin at Merilee and began searching for faces in the crowd I recognized. My eyes wouldn't focus long enough in one spot to find anyone so I settled for the cultural hall curtains in the back of the gym. It was over before I got my breath back. The shaking didn't stop until we were halfway through the next song.

We get to repeat this physiological experiment next week and the week after until ...,8197,726-1-676,00.html.

See you there! I'll be the one in the pink lei trembling uncontrollably.


Natalie said...

That's crazy exciting! I could never ever do that!

Jenni Rigby said...

I loved the book Maniac Magee when I was younger and haven't thought of it for ages. That makes me happy.

JMe said...

Hi Brooke! I saw the link to your blog on Facebook and now here I am! I hope you don't mind if your friend's sister checks up on ya every now and then... :) Haley told me that you are singing in SLC in a few weeks. Very cool!