Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kindle killed the radio star ...

... and Borders Bookstore.

We passed Borders on the way home from a wedding today. EVERYTHING MUST GO!! the sign read. And there were big numbers like 25, 40, and 50 in red with percent signs followed by the word "off."

So of course we stopped. And then I walked out without a single book. Because even cut in half a hardcover book is still more expensive than downloading the Kindle version.

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Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I love my kindle. And yes, even though books are more than a .50 paperback, I feel like I"m reading the future. When I read The New Yorker on my Kindle, I'm contributing to a new wave of journalism. And when I pay for a book, I am helping a writer. And I dream of the day someone does that for me.