Sunday, July 31, 2011

New and improved ...

The post also titled as "How You Know You're Getting Old":

My princess post got me thinking about what the heck I kept myself busy with as a little girl before the princess phenomenon took over.

There was this Fisher-Price kitchen set that was AMAZING! The play kitchen sets I've seen at friend's houses and they just don't compare. The plastic is thinner, you can only play on one side because it has to go up against a wall, and they are, of course, usually in some super girly princessy pink or purple color instead of the gender-neutral colors that meant my brother could play too without getting made fun of. They also usually have "Barbie" or "Disney" or "Dora" stamped somewhere on them. Whenever anyone little comes to my parent's house and heads down to the playroom, my mom always makes the comment that's the one thing she regrets getting rid of. Their basement is mostly outfitted for teenage and young adult enjoyment now (read: media and gaming central), but she kept a few of the toy classics for when family with youngsters visit. "What will the grandkids play with?" she asks. "The new sets just aren't as cool." Well, there aren't any grandchildren in sight for now, so she's safe there. But I still got on eBay to see if anyone still has or is selling the brilliant set I had as a kid.

Yup ... don't worry ... it's listed as "vintage."

Maybe the WaterBaby doll I played with will start showing up in museums soon.


Sierra said...

This made me smile.... I was just having this discussion the other day with a friend. Our toys used to be so much better :-)

Ryan said...

The Smithsonian American History Museum's pop culture wing contains items younger than me. I feel like an aging hipster.