Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't do it ... it's a trap

We're having a meeting at work about social media on Tuesday. I'm curious if MySpace or Facebook will come up but there's rumor that Twitter will be discussed as a legitimate journalistic tool.

I have passionately avoided Twitter up until now. Just one more thing to be addicted to and one more way for me to electronically put my foot in my mouth.

I didn't realize how truly behind the times I was until yesterday. The conversation went something like this:

me: I can't decide between the U and BYU for law school.
Emilie: You should talk to graduates from both programs.
me: That would be nice. Huh. I think I might know someone that graduated from the Y?
Emilie: If I found people would you be interested in talking to them?
me: Do you really have time for that?
Emilie: I'll send it out on Twitter.

I've been thinking about really complex ways to run into law school graduates. Thought about some old-fashioned ways like calling their alumni associations. All it really takes, however, is for Emilie to press send on her cell phone. And putting out a plea for help on my Facebook status probably won't hurt either. Oh, this brave, new world.


Kristen said...

I maintain that law school is a bad decision no matter where you go. :) Good luck deciding.

Natalie said...

Twitteri is a great journalist tool -- and if you don't believe me, go to

I could send it out on my twitter too. I don't know how many law grads I have from those programs, but maybe a few. It's amazing how many people I've connected with and how much help I've gotten -- the other day someone helped me find a vendor for a 20-foot balloon, which is incase you're wondering, the amount of carbon dioxide one puts into the air for a tank of gas. We need a visual demo for Earth Day!

Natalie said...

Oops, Twitter, not twitteri -- don't mean to confuse you.

I haven't logged on to myspace since college, but there really are so many great SM tools out there....blogging is one of them! See you're doing it and don't even realize it!

Sierra said...

I'm with you... Twitter is just one more thing I would get addicted to. Good luck deciding on grad school though

Brooke said...

Nats, That's cool about the 20-foot ballon demonstration! I didn't know that! That'll be a great visual.